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Impact Through Community



Welcome to Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd.

We exist to give every young person the ability to reach their full potential regardless of location, gender or race.

Through a variety of hands-on programs, and the generous support of our partners, we help children, teens and young adults gain valuable life skills and access the opportunities they need to succeed  – all while having fun! 

Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd (GRPF) is a unique organisation with humble beginnings. Founded in Roebourne, in Western Australia’s Pilbara region, in 2004, GRPF was originally created to give the local young indigenous women the opportunity to build self-confidence through modelling, leadership and the performing arts. It has now grown into a successful grassroots organisation, running programs and experiences throughout Australia and the world.

Our Mission Statement

Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd is an inclusive organisation that fosters opportunities and pathways based on education and training coupled with a focus on health and wellbeing and lifestyle within regional and remote communities in order to create successful outcomes based on the need of each individual participating in our programs.


Our Vision Statement

To be the leader in providing supportable empowerment, sustainability, unification and reputation locally, nationally and internationally through education, training, business opportunities and employment incorporating cross cultural partnerships, opportunities and collaboration.  ‘Simply being the Foundation of Choice’.


Our Ethos statement

Creating sustainable pathways to success.


Our Purpose


Focus on inclusion and reconciliation to help bridge the gap between indigenous youth throughout Australia.


Engage, guide and assist our youth, children and teenagers, particularly those located regionally.


Provide programs and opportunities through community engagement and education.

Working with Communities

Founded in 2004, GRPF has always focused on community. This was initially achieved through supporting Indigenous girls aged between 12-25 years based in the Shire of Roebourne/City of Karratha region of Western Australia.

However, over time, this impact has grown and evolved to include boys and young men, along with incorporating and embracing  the wider community through a model of inclusion. This has been intrinsic to our success.

Our programs focus on improving health and well-being, business development, drug and alcohol awareness, access to education and the promotion of self-esteem. We believe these are all an important part of creating healthy communities.


We endeavour in creating and delivering the right programs to each individual, group or community. This means:

 1. Leading with positive impact, however great or small;

 2. Developing our programs in conjunction with community members; 

 3. Focusing on long term and sustainable impact through empowering the community to run future programs;  

We believe in community and the power of the right type of engagement and empowerment to have long lasting impact. 


The Pillars of our Foundation

Guiding everything we do, these pillars help shape our organisation and are aligned with every program we run. 


GRPF edify celebrates bringing young people to the very peak of their potential. Using education, community engagement, professional services and any other positive means GRPF will work with young people to make them the very best they can be, to appreciate and respect their abilities and assist them in understanding how they can impact the world.

Focussing on personal growth across physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, GRPF rise is committed to showing young people who they are when they take care of themselves. GRPF wants to show stakeholders how to avoid instant gratification and the poor choices that come with it and empower young people to improve their lives and rise above the clichés.

We all have skills – our talents, no matter in what field, are what make us uniquely human. But what if you have a skillset that is truly extraordinary? What if you have a talent for sport or science that is world beating? If a young person has such skills they should be given every possible opportunity to make the most of them. GRPF skills embraces these exceptional young people and provides them with a pathway to forge their own destiny.

Focusing on micro business and entrepreneurialism, GRPF venture allows young people to gain the skills and access the resources to take their unique idea and build a sustainable business. GRPF venture will achieve this by teaching financial literacy, communication skills and innovative decision making paired with real world experience so young people are learning about business by running their own.

A community can be a lot of things – it can be a family, a town, a group of friends or something else entirely, however there is one constant – a successful community is achieved when individuals put aside egos and begin working together for the benefit of all. GRPF community focusses on showing young people how they can change the future of their own lives by committing themselves to improving their communities; GRPF will prove that when we all work together we can achieve things that seem impossible.

Our History

Raising Leaders to Drive Generational Change

GRPF are fortunate to have a core group of approximately 50 young Indigenous women who have been part of the program since its inception. Now, these women are succeeding in their chosen fields and are considered role models in their community.

 Many of these girls work for GRPF in various capacities, most importantly, as mentors to the next generation.

 They encourage our youth, children and teenagers to re-engage in meaningful education, training and leadership programs, helping rebuild their communities to be functional, sustainable and safer to live in.

See below for some of the significant moments in the history of our organisation;



2020, in many instances, was a different year.  GRPF managed to navigate the restrictions and limitations caused by COVID-19 and successfully conducted Basketball and Girls FX programs throughout the region.  Key events were the after school and school holiday programs, Girls FX Community Fashion Shows in Roebourne, Karratha and Onslow and a Celebration of Heritage and Unity in partnership with the Malaysian Consulate of Western Australia and the Batik Village Malaysia held at the Ritz-Carlton Perth. Celebrating everything beautiful about WA. A very busy year through adversity and the unknown.



GRPF (Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd) is funded to operate on a full time basis from the Federal Government to deliver our Pathways to Excellence Basketball Program and Girls FX Leadership program.



Pilbara Artists and fashion designers, Gidja Monroe travelled to Malaysia to showcase at Alta Moda Malaysia.  Modelling their designs and once again conducting an art gallery for special guests, including Professor Datuk Jimmy Choo OBE.



Global Roaming Pilbara Foundation Ltd is founded. A culmination of 12 years of hard work and the dreams of young women residing in the Pilbara.



A group of Pilbara and Perth artists and models travel to Malaysia to model designer Sandra Rives clothing at Alta Moda Malaysia. We hosted a function with the Australian Embassy to showcase the artists paintings and culture as well as participating in a cross cultural tour, visiting Malaysian artists and producers of batik and silks. The artists were honoured to meet Dame Zandra Rhodes OBE.



Eight girls and mentors travelled to the UAE for a Cultural and Leadership tour and to conduct an art and  fashion event at the Australian Consul’s private residence for Emirate and special guests. Modelling Kaninda Designs and Alvin Fernandez’s Ae’lkemi, coupled with an amazing collection of pearl jewellery from Cygnet Bay Pearls. Both Pilbara and Perth artworks and artifacts were displayed as part of the event and sold to collectors.



Eight girls travelled to the USA to participate in New York Fashion week and a three week Cultural and Leadership Tour to the states of New York, Alabama, Washington DC and Miami.



Lisa-Marie Rodd and Jahlana Roe travelled to New York to model Ruth Tarvydas as part of New York Fashion Week.



Eight girls travel to the USA for our first Cultural and Leadership Tour across Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Washington DC and New York. Representatives from Juluwarlu Aboriginal Corporation also attend to film and document the four week tour.



Roebourne Girls FX program continues to operate under the auspice of the Michael Leslie Foundation.



Roebourne Girls FX is founded under the auspice of Karratha Youth Housing Project.

Step One. To start, we identify areas in the community that we believe can benefit from our programs and the programs of our partners. We are driven by inclusion and impact, however big or small.  

Step Two. We work collaboratively to identify organisations and people who can assist with the delivery of the programs. These organisations are carefully chosen to align with our vision, operating style and ethos.

Step Three. We work in partnership with the local community to deliver the program. As we are an organisation that is driven by real impact, we always look to measure what we do.

Step Four. GRPF strives to provide training and support to local communities in order to create sustainable, ongoing programs. 

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