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Partnering with Organisations for Positive Impact in the Community 

The GRPF model connects organisations within the community. We design and deliver programs based on community needs to develop positive social outcomes. 

We believe connection to be an integral part of our community. We develop positive pathways and opportunities for young people residing in regional and remote areas to lead healthy and successful lives, in their chosen fields.


The GRPF model connects organisations with the community. We act as an intermediary who identifies and coordinates programs with organisations to develop positive social outcomes.


We believe connection to be an integral part of our community. We exist to help organisations who want to have impact and connect with the community.


Our programs and partners are based throughout Australia and the world. The vision and reach of the GRPF is a key point that sets us apart. 

How We Work

Our model focuses on connecting partners to the community. Through collaboration and empowerment, we enable a range of community based activities that create positive outcomes for our program participants.

Step One. To start, we identify areas in the community that we believe can benefit from our programs and the programs of our partners. We are driven by inclusion and impact, however big or small.  

Step Two. We work collaboratively to identify organisations and people who can assist with the delivery of the programs. These organisations are carefully chosen to align with our vision, operating style and ethos.

Step Three. We work in partnership with the local community to deliver the program. As we are an organisation that is driven by real impact, we always look to measure what we do.

Step Four. GRPF strives to provide training and support to local communities in order to create sustainable, ongoing programs. 

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