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We passionately believe in our vision and are committed to what we do.

GRPF is based on the support from our strategic partners and their commitment to positive impact in the community. Working on the ground with partners from within the local community, we are able to be highly strategic and innovative, identifying needs and creating programs and solutions to deliver community-oriented, sustainable results. 

Strategic Partnerships

We develop and foster many strategic partnerships with those who share our values and vision. This may include aligned organisations who can assist us in delivering programs or greater outcomes that we could not do alone.

Financial Contributions

Individuals and corporations providing financial support to GRPF allows us to run our programs and have the impact we aspire to in the community. 

Collaborative Partners

Collaboration is at the heart of what we do. Through joint-ventures and service offerings, we collaborate with many partners to drive our vision forward. 

There are many ways that organisations and individuals can support our programs, partners and vision. If you are interested in supporting us please get in contact below. 

How We Work

Our model focuses on connecting partners to the community. Through collaboration and empowerment, we enable a range of community based activities that create positive outcomes for our program participants.

Step One. To start, we identify areas in the community that we believe can benefit from our programs and the programs of our partners. We are driven by inclusion and impact, however big or small.  

Step Two. We work collaboratively to identify organisations and people who can assist with the delivery of the programs. These organisations are carefully chosen to align with our vision, operating style and ethos.

Step Three. We work in partnership with the local community to deliver the program. As we are an organisation that is driven by real impact, we always look to measure what we do.

Step Four. GRPF strives to provide training and support to local communities in order to create sustainable, ongoing programs. 

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